What would a Labour administration propped up by the SNP be like? Edinburgh City Council offers us a few clues.

It is led by a Labour councillor, Cllr Andrew Burns. He says:

“I’m honoured to lead the Council and the Labour / SNP coalition in our wonderful capital city.”

According to the Taxpayers Alliance his council has the highest paid council employee in the United Kingdom. Their latest Town Hall Rich List reported:

“The highest paid council employee, excluding larger than usual, one-off payments due to redundancy or retirement, was received by I. Craig, Managing Director of Lothian Buses, a subsidiary 91 per cent owned by the City of Edinburgh Council who received £300,081.”

 That seems a lot to run a state monopoly. Mr Craig has been a controversial figure with a number of complaints upheld against him. They have just announced a big increase in fares.

Is this what the SNP mean by ensuring Labour resist austerity?

The Council pressed ahead with the shambolic tram scheme.

There has been a dogmatic refusal to allow private sector or voluntary sector involvement in the running of council services. The Conservative opposition have proposed an alternative approach that would have allowed lower Council tax and parking charges.

A “no evictions policy” has led unsurprisingly to an increase in rent arrears. That is unfair on the tenants that pay their rent – and also have to put up with a lamentable repairs service.

The bins are only collected fortnightly. Also millions have been spent on miniature wheelie bins – then take people to court if they leave black plastic bags next to it that will not fit in.

Spending cuts have been poorly managed. Road sweepers were sacked – the choice being made by pulling names out of a cereal bowl. Yet a new post has been created to encourage children to play.

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