In the General Election one of the seats that Labour need to gain to put Ed Miliband in Downing Street is Blackpool North and Cleveleys. Paul Maynard is defending a majority of 2,150 for the Conservatives there.

By contrast Blackpool South is held by Labour with a majority of 1,852 which the Conservative candidate Peter Anthony is battling to overturn. The Conservatives need to gain another 20 seats on last time for an overall majority. Blackpool South is beyond that range – but only just. It is target number 32.

But as if those contests were not enough for election fever to grip the town all the seats for the council, a unitary authority, are up for election.

Labour run the council with a clear majority. They have 28 seats against 13 for the Conservatives and one Lib Dem having gained control from the Conservatives in 2011 when the seats were last contested.

Among the cuts the council has made is to the CCTV coverage – thus weakening the fight against crime. Yet £28,967 has been found to send councillors on junkets. Then there was £14 million for a new hotel. There was also £2.6 million on a comedy concrete carpet – which then had to be destroyed because it was too near to the tram lines.

The Labour council leader has defended colleagues who have failed to pay their Council Tax bills.

Voters can already see what Labour in power is like.

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