Paul Bremner is an academic and is the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Leicester

Our children are my number one priority. Leaders and teachers need to be trusted to make the right decisions for their pupils. I will direct more money to schools rather than it being spent by a City Council department. Caring for vulnerable children is also important. The Labour Party ruling Leicester has been dominant but corporately failing hundreds of children in social care, as shown by OFSTED. You can’t trust your children’s future to Labour. I will ensure a focus on core services that deliver for the city and the neighbourhoods where you live.

The growing economy under the current Government offers Leicester wonderful opportunities for small, medium and large businesses to create jobs. More good quality well paid jobs in the city is the best way to help the most people. Leicester is in the centre of the country and well connected for sustained growth.

The place where you live deserves the attention of the Mayor as much as the city centre. Local opinions on planning matter and should be enforced. Your council tax shouldn’t be increased to build huge cash reserves; Labour have built up over £50m in the last four years spending none of the tax raised.

I am not a career politician, just one wanting to do the best for their community. I think people in Leicester deserve a referendum on wether to have a Mayor. Run by a Mayor or not the council should be responsive to local concerns with strategic leadership that promotes the great City of Leicester.

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