Two Northampton councillors have defected from Labour to the Conservatives.  They are Cllr Mohammed Aziz of Castle Ward on Northampton Borough Council and his wife Cllr Nahar Begum who represents Trinity Ward.

As a result Labour are down to seven councillors, with 19 Conservatives.

Cllr Aziz said:

“I am very impressed with what the Conservatives are doing to turn our town around, and it is clear that they are the only party capable of improving Northampton.

“I became a councillor to make things better for the people I represent and for the town I live in, and the best way I can do that is as a member of the Conservative group.”

Cllr Begum added:

“The Conservatives are the only party doing something positive for our town, and I want to support them and be part of what they are doing.”

Michael Ellis, the Conservative MP for Northampton North MP said:

“I am delighted to welcome two more councillors to the Conservative Party.

“These new defections from Labour show the shambles the Labour Party is in.

“The Northampton Labour Party spend all of their time fighting among themselves and anyone serious about making a difference to our town and our communities knows that the only Party delivering for Northampton and for the country is the Conservatives.”

There are rumours that more defections may follow.

Welcome aboard!