Another councillor has joined the Conservatives. This time it is Cllr Ed Hutchinson of Frisby on the Wreak Ward on Melton Borough Council. Cllr Hutchinson had previously sat as an Independent councillor.

He said:

“I stood against the Conservatives because they selected a candidate from outside the community.

“Conservative is my natural allegiance and they have approached me about joining them in the past but I was elected as an independent and I didn’t feel it was right to switch.

”I’ve served as an independent for three years but I think as a member of the Conservatives I can achieve more for the community.”

There are now 20 Conservative councillors, four Labour ones and four independent councillors.

The Conservative council leader Cllr Byron Rhodes said:

“The Melton Conservative team have been working hard for a number of years delivering on behalf of residents in the borough.

“We are now focused on setting our long term agenda for the Borough for the next four years.

“It is our long term plan that councillor Edward Hutchison understood and wanted to be involved with. He therefore asked to join the team and become a Conservative member.

“I am encouraged by the quality of people from the public coming forward wanting to be involved and join our team to deliver an exciting programme.

“We are presenting a plan built on delivering good quality services, sound finances, no debt, while keeping council taxes low.”