Cllr Joel Davidson is a Conservative councillor for Brondesbury Park Ward in Brent

Recently the Tricycle Theatre announced they would reverse their fatally flawed decision to make demands regarding the sponsorship of the UK Jewish Film Festival, and sanity has prevailed:

The three Conservative councillors in Brondesbury Park were the sole local representatives in Brent to raise concerns about the public funding of this theatre in the light of a proposed cultural boycott, and we had already launched an investigation into whether the Tricycle had breached its funding agreement with Brent Council.

Furthermore, we released a joint statement in the days prior to the announcement demanding answers from Council Leader Cllr Muhammed Butt, who sits on the Tricycle’s management board but has still made no public declaration as to whether he supports selective censorship in his Borough or not.

For the moment, we are delighted that the Tricycle have realized that their position was utterly indefensible in a Borough which prides itself on its diverse community, and given the £198,000 in annual funding which they receive from all Council taxpayers.

We will continue to work to ensure that the Tricycle continues its function as a cultural venue which all in the community should feel able to enjoy.

The Jewish community and others who oppose discrimination in our Borough have clearly been aggrieved as a result of this wrong-headed decision, I am still amazed that a Council Leader ever allowed such a scenario to occur on his watch.

I call on Cllr Butt to make a statement on how this sorry episode ever happened, and why he didn’t act sooner in his role as Brent’s representative on the Tricycle’s management board to stop it ever being agreed in the first place.

It would have avoided a lot of the public anger if he’d realised earlier – before the announcement was made – that the decision was utterly indefensible and could never be allowed to stand, which happily has proved to be the case.