Swindon is a unitary authority which has 29 Conservative councillors, 23 Labour, four Lib Dems and an independent (who was elected as a Labour councillor.) So although a third of seats are up for election this will clearly a closely fought contest. The Conservatives are defending nine seats and can’t afford to lose any of them. UKIP are fielding a full slate of 20 candidates which should help Labour – although this may be partly offset by the Green Party running 12 candidates.

Swindon has a strong record of Conservative achievement. The Council Tax has been frozen for four years running and parking charges have been kept down.

Most of its secondary schools are academies – and achieving good results. A University Technology College is opening. The council has embraced transparency – for instance in publishing its assets register. Volunteers have been encouraged to take over community centres. Also libraries.

In 2009 the council scrapped speed cameras. Since that time the number killed on the roads has fallen. As has the number seriously injured. As has the number of accidents.

So it was a brave decision that has been vindicated. Yet Labour and the Lib Dems opposed it and would still like to reverse it.


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