A Lambeth Labour council candidate has been repudiated by one of the borough’s Labour MPs.

The Evening Standard reports that Kate Hoey, the Labour MP for Vauxhall, has described a Labour campaign leaflet as a “work of fiction.” It quoted her giving a glowing endorsement to Cllr Nigel Haselden, a Labour councillor for Clapham Town Ward.

Miss Hoey says the endorsement is a “fabrication.”

She told the Evening Standard:

“I value honesty and integrity. I did not write these words and do not agree with them. The quote attributed to me was not approved and is a total work of fiction. I asked for the leaflets to be withdrawn as soon as I found out.

“I think that the public have a right to know when something goes into an election leaflet that is not accurate and I would have expected to be asked, rather than having quotes made up on my behalf.”

The leaflet was headlined “Kate Hoey is backing Clapham Labour” and quoted her as saying Cllr Haselden was “hard-working” and wished to
“improve the area.”

If a Labour councillor can’t be trusted by the local Labour MP how much confidence can the residents of Clapham Town Ward have in him?

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