This morning’s Independent carries a list of council planning to increase the Council Tax. Rather more of them are Labour than Conservative. There are also several where there are coalitions and thus the bureaucrats tend to have more clout.

We can be proud that when it comes to those councils cutting the Council Tax they are overwhelmingly Conservative. The great majority of councils are planning a freeze which is also an achievement to be celebrated.

Yet, I am afraid, that the following Conservative councils are currently proposing Council Tax increases – just below the referendum threshold. I hope they will think again.The increases can only take place if a majority of the councillors attending a full council meeting vote for them.

Aylesbury Vale District Council – 1.99 per cent.

Buckinghamshire County Council – 1.5 per cent.

Cambridgeshire County Council. 1.99 per cent

Devon Council Council – 1.99 per cent

Dorset Council Council – 1.99 per cent

East Sussex – 1.95 per cent

Kent County Council – 1.99 per cent

Medway Council – 1.99 per cent.

Mid Suffolk District Council – 1.72 per cent

North East Lincolnshire Council 1.99 per cent.

North Yorkshire County Council – 1.99 per cent

Northamptonshire County Council – 1.99 per cent

Oxfordshire County Council. 1.99 per cent.

Surrey County Council – 1.99 per cent.

Tunbridge Wells District Council – 1.99 per cent

West Dorset – 1.99 per cent

Worcestershire – 1.94 per cent

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