Nigel Farage himself has personally welcomed former Conservative Leicestershire County Council Leader David Parsons and his wife into UKIP. Cllr Parsons is no longer a county councillor but he is a district councillor in Blaby. His wife Cllr Elizabeth Parsons has also joined UKIP.

As the county council leader Cllr Parsons cost the Council Taxpayer more than £210,000 for chauffeur-driven care journeys. He was expelled from the Conservatives in 2012.

The Leicester Mercury says:

“In June 2012, the council’s standards committee censured Mr Parsons and concluded he had disregarded four key principles of public life – honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership by allowing more than £5,400 of the council’s cash to build-up in his personal bank account.

“Those expenses should have been promptly transferred to the council and, in October 2012, Mr Parsons publicly “fully and unreservedly” apologised.

“He further apologised for failing to change the arrangements for reimbursement despite requests to do so by senior council officials, and for “failing to help” auditors investigating expenses claims.

“Mr Parsons said his time spent on the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, which comments on EU policy, had proved to him how Europe had failed.”

I’m not sure that Cllr Parsons made his hostility to the EU apparent when he was a member of COR. During his time the Conservative councillors on it sat with the EPP – something that has now changed.

Perhaps Cllr Parsons has ambitions to become a UKIP MEP and return to a life of lavish expenses.

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