Cllr Ralph Baldwin is a Conservative councillor in Barking and Dagenham

In Politics we expect to see many forms of betrayal and changing loyalties, in the House of Commons we still have some advanced democracy when we see Conservative “rebel” on certain issues, obviously, understandably Europe and democracy to their credit is the prime area for this. It is clear that UKIP and its rise will replace the BNP in Barking and Dagenham as a political force.

It would be easy, far too easy to discuss the anger that exists for those Conservatives who feel abandoned by their party and who expect nothing but total Conservative policy from an unhappy coalition result that was the consequence of general public dissatisfaction over expenses.

However I would once more like to turn the attention to Labour. Barking and Dagenham Council is ruled by an authoritarian with a cabinet whose family and friends seem to have in the main done well out of their “loyalty”, which is not based on a policy, an ideal or a belief.

Anything goes Labour, the most recklessly dangerous political creation that gives us great result like Tower Hamlets where Peter Golds fights a brave battle for democracy, the SNP in Scotland and before their utter defeat, the BNP in Barking and Dagenham.  In 2006 it is a disturbing reality that had the BNP fielded more candidates they would have taken control of Barking and Dagenham Council.

The Dagenham Labour leader of the council has been involved in a long battle against Barking Labour Party for some time – using any means
whatsoever to retain control of the Council.

They are divided into two camps; Hodgeites (supporters of Blairite Margaret Hodge MP) and Cruddites (supporters of Jon Cruddas MP a Left wing MP who promotes “ideas” and he almost lost his seat to Conservatives in the last General Election), who have almost nothing to separate each other on policy which is one of supplication to Parliament and advancement by whatever means.

The Cruddites seemed overjoyed when the BNP first rose as they played the injured martyrs of the Left, victims of their own lack of effort and hard work on the doorstep. It was an interesting “coincidence” that the Council Leaders’ brother would turn out to be a UKIP activist and local politician.  It was seemingly interesting the efforts the brother went to to attend certain events and meetings only ever in the Barking constituency but was mysteriously vacant in the land of the Cruddites.

More interestingly when I met Robert Douglas a recently deselected Hodgeite Councillor (one of three all of whom reside in the Barking Constituency) at an assembly he confirmed to me  he was approached by Liam’s brother before defecting, a meeting that would have been easy to arrange.

Now let’s turn the clock back, Liam Smith was the council leader who gained an emergency Council House whilst over ten thousand poorer residents in a borough that enjoys no economic prosperity or hope of change wait on an endless housing list. During this episode that I was got rid of for asking too many questions with the full unadulterated support of Labour HQ behind the Leader.

The Cruddites have successfully harnessed the anger of deselected councillors to turn them on the Hodgeites ultimately to assist the leader of the council’s ambitions to become MP of Barking, either as independents or as UKIP candidates in the next elections. It wasn’t difficult as they share in common a love of position and a serious dislike of hard work and this is a common theme throughout politics that the less work you do at campaign time the more important you must be (and it is one the elements killing our politics today).

This was easy as the Hodgeites are attempting to maintain a campaign machine that is extremely effective but this machine requires a high turnover of councillors who can manage the huge task and work on the doorsteps to ensure they can identify sufficient numbers of potential and existing supporters.  It is a diminishing model because it generates more enemies than friends and it cannot compensate for the lack of volunteers to knock on doorsteps.

The council candidates do all the work and those that do not lose their seats unless they enjoy special relations with Hodge.  However the model has succeeded in keeping out the BNP and the current contact rate with the public is about 85 per cent in the Barking Constituency which to my knowledge has never been achieved before by any political party.  The Dagenham Cruddite constituency is another kettle of fish entirely.

It’s important to remember that in the whole council chamber there are few people who understand issues at all, especially the Cabinet who are more than guided by council officers themselves politicized and purged by the Leader to ensure full complicity and to keep things behind the scenes, all questions are prohibited within Labour Group which also secretly applies the whip to scrutiny leaving the whip limited to personal attacks to appease the Leader and the deselected councillors.

The idea for Labour to use UKIP then to smash Conservatism originated here.  Jon Cruddas as policy adviser to Ed Milliband then was to apply the knowledge gained here seemingly from attempting to weaken a Labour vote in a neighboring constituency to dividing Conservatives across the country.  By standing your own angry disillusioned people against your own party.

UKIP is despite the legitimate anger of its supporters the greatest deception in modern politics. Their voters are right to be angry and frustrated by the centralising of power to the leaderships of political parties by an ignorant elite. But anger can be a dangerous thing and I was blinded by my anger too. As good as it might feel we sometimes have to put aside our wrath and consider the real danger facing the local community and the country also.

Petitions effectively banned, questioning of any kind ended, no scrutiny permitted, alliances with other parties to destroy pro-democratic politicians who believe in process, death threats, intimidation, scams, members of staff got rid of to protect corruption. That is any-means Labour and the right had better wake up quick because they are being used and manipulated by arrogant corrupt frauds. The question for us all in the local elections, Euro-elections and General Elections is: Do we want to go the way of France?  Of Barking and Dagenham in 2006? Of Scotland currently?

I am as thoroughly angry as the rest of you.  I really am but we must not allow our frustrations to dominate our thinking.  Hitler said “feel not think”.  Well I am asking you all to think and feel.  Nobody likes the “political class”, nobody likes the mess politics is in beyond Westminster. But if the Right is divided then a far more dangerous event will occur than either victory for UKIP or defeat for David Cameron. Labour will prevail and they are now, today unlike any Labour Party of the past you have witnessed they are a declining Party who are fully evolving into a criminal organisation.

It has happened before in history and it is happening now.  By all means use your democratic right to demand action by your MPs who do democratically challenge the Government on Europe. Stand and peacefully fight for what you feel needs to be done.