Amber Valley Borough – Heanor East:

Lab 548, C 350, Lib Dem 41. (May 2012 – Lab 744, C 391, BNP 284, Lib Dem 69).

Lab hold. Swing 1.3 per cent Lab to C.

Lichfield District – Chadsmead:

Lib Dem 206, Lab 157, Ukip 108, C 102. (May 2011 – Two seats C 416, 385, Lib Dem 326, Lab 303, 278, Lib Dem 206).

Lib Dem gain from C. Swing 16.1 per cent C to Lib Dem.

Moray Council – Buckie:

Counting today. (May 2012 – Three seats first count SNP 967, Ind 648, 557, C 179, SNP 169. Elected: Ind 2, SNP 1).

This has been a bad month for the Conservatives so far as council by-elections are concerned. We have lost four of the five seats defended. An analysis of eight comparable results this month by the Press Association suggests a projected 10.8 per cent nationwide Labour lead over Conservatives. A calculation based on five wards fought both times by all three major parties gives a line-up of: Lab 40.3 per cent, C 27.9 per cent, Lib Dem 16.8 per cent.

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