While the Conservatives have been campaigning hard for weeks, if not months, for the local elections on May 2nd the formal campaign launch by the Party nationally was delayed by Baroness Thatcher's funeral. The launch will finally take place today.

David Cameron will today say that Conservatives are "backing the hardworking people of this country all the way" as he launches the Party's local election campaign in Warwickshire.

He will say that Conservative councils run better services and that Conservatives in government are fighting for people who want to work hard and get on – helping them with the cost of living by cutting income tax for 24 million people, cutting council tax by 10 per cent in real-terms, and restoring fairness to the welfare system.

He will mention government achievements since the general election such as:

  • 1.25 million new private sector jobs.
  • The deficit reduced by a third.
  • Net immigration reduced by a third.
  • A record number of apprenticeships.
  • Backing Right to Buy so more people can own their own home.
  • Taking 2.2 million out of income tax altogether.

Capping benefits so that no out-of-work household can claim more than the average working family earns.

Speaking to activists in Warwickshire, where a Conservative council has frozen council tax for three years in a row, David Cameron will say:

“Remember what we’re fighting for. Yes, we’re fighting for our councils but it’s about more than that. We’re re-building our country. Backing hardworking people. Making this a country where if you work hard and do the right thing, you will get on.”

Last time round the Conservatives gained Warwickshire from No Overall Control.