ThomThom Wiseman, a Conservative activist in York, says the Labour council new speed limit will waste police time and waste Council Taxpayers money on new signs

Labour run York council have decided to implement one of their election pledges, not one of their most popular, which is to introduce a 20mph speed limit on all residential streets in York and surrounding towns.

The police forces in York are already the busiest in the entire of North Yorkshire and now they will have to try and enforce the 20mph speed limits. That is if the council move forwards using frequent repeater signs A 20mph zone can only be enforced if there are frequent repeater signs and only then possible if police can provide the necessary resources to cover these areas, here in lies the cost of hundreds of signs that will need to be installed throughout York. The other major addition is for any street that has a speed over 26mph will have additional traffic calming measures using street furniture to slow traffic down, such as chicanes and even more speed bumps.

Cllr Anna Semlyen is the paid campaign manager for 20s plenty and also the councillor who has been the one shouting about reducing the streets of York to a crawling 20mph and yet apparently she is not paid for her campaigning work in York. Another of her finest hours. Previously it was revealed that she received council funding for her Eco Home Open Day, where she peddles other peoples wares and receives commission. This councillor really does only look after number 1.

There should be 20mph around schools and areas that are deemed a risk, these should be strictly enforced, especially to the bus drivers of York of whom many seem to ignore the speed limit signs. The 20mph signs is there to highlight a change in hazard. If a driver remains in a 20mph throughout their journey through York their attention will not remain enough to be more alert around the hazard areas that will no longer have a 20mph 'hazard warning' sign, it will just be the same as every other street.

The 20mph zones should continue to be used for hazard areas and enforced, they shouldn't be used because a council show their inability to manage traffic which has been seen by the latest traffic lights at Clifton Green and Blossom Street that now create the longest tailbacks to surrounding roads ever seen.

York has a serious budget problem at the moment, the council have removed over 30% of bins, planning to remove many salt bins, have cut down hundreds of street lights without the budget to replace and yet are willing to spend on big investments that are not necessary and will not be enforced by a stretched police force.

I have never known a council be so free and willing to spend huge sums on pet projects such as free wi-fi and 20s plenty, when not being able to maintain the basic services that the council is here to provide for.

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