Lots more news has been coming in of the selection of Conservative candidates for Police and Crime Commissioner.

Tim Ashton, a local county councillor, has been chosen for Lancashire. Commiserations to Sam Chapman who has become something on expert on the role. His Top of the Cops website is essential reading for those interested in all the contests taking place nationally.

Katy Bourne has been chosen for Sussex – with priorities including the recruitment of a Special Constable in every village.

Richard Rhodes, a former headmaster and Chairman of the Cumbria Probation Trust, has been selected as our candidate for Cumbria.

Jas Parmar, a former police officer, has been chosen for Bedfordshire. He stresses the need for more visible policing and his call for "re-addressing the balance in favour of the victims of crime rather than the criminal" may not be unique but it is of fundamental importance and will certainly resonate with the electorate. Commiserations to Bernard Rix who has put forward some excellent ideas which I hope he will continue to put forward.

Victoria Atkins, a barrister, has been chosen for Gloucestershire.

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