After the batch of Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidates that I listed on Sunday I have news of some more. There will also be some further very soon. For instance Hertfordshire has the final primary tonight.) But already over half of the 41 are in place as candidates and able to get out on the stump meeting their, rather large, electorates in preparation for Polling Day which is November 15th.

Tony_Hogg1So congratulations to Tony Hogg (pictured) who has been chosen as the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Devon and Cornwall. He was a Commanding Officer in the Royal Navy. He wants Devon and Cornwall to have a "Police Force" rather than the vacuous sounding "Police Service." His themes of increasing police visibility and public involvement in crime fighting are welcome. As with other other candidates he could be criticised for not yet setting out a clear reformist stall. But there is also human element in police accountability. Mr Hogg just doesn't look like a man who would put up with a load of feeble excuses, does he?

Also congratulations to Matt Bennett chosen for West Midlands, to Cllr Ken Lupton chosen for Cleveland and Neil Varley chosen for Durham.

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