By Tim Montgomerie
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Conservative-controlled Lincolnshire County Council is about to issue planning guidance that will be greetred with enthusiasm by anti-wind farm campaigners:

“There is a presumption against wind turbine developments on the grounds of negative cumulative visual impact.”

The report in The Sunday Times (£) says that the new guidance may prevent the county getting 16 new windfarms. It already has eight.

Although opinion polls show that most voters are in favour of wind power in general they are very unpopular when communities are faced with having them locally. Earlier this year Chris Heaton-Harris MP led one hundred Tory MPs in a rebellion against windfarms, calling for subsidies to be cut. George Osborne is reportedly in agreement – supporting a 25% reduction in energy subsidies according to today's Observer. On a number of fronts, including airport capacity, the Chancellor is enraging green lobby groups.

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