Cllr Andy Hodgson, who was the Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem group on Solihull Council has defected to join the Green Party – and has made various left wing pronouncements about fighting the cuts, fighting privatisation, and so on.

On West Sussex County Council the Green Party have another recruit – Cllr James Doyle has joined them. He was an independent after having left the Lib Dems last year.

Tim has made the point about the threat to Labour and the Lib Dems that could be posed by the Green Party – just as UKIP represents a challenge for the Conservatives.

Lib Dem MP Lorely Burt had a tiny majority over the Conservatives at the last election in the Solihull constituency, and is already being hit by boundary changes. If a chunk of her supporters break  off to join the Green Party it won't help her chances.