Cllr Graham Walker has resigned from the Lib Dem group on Cornwall Council to become an independent.

His objections are over education policy.

The Western Morning News reports:

Mr Walker warned that a policy in favour of academies, which now educate a third of Cornish children, were leading to a "two-tier system" which lacked local accountability, and said: "How does taking money from all Cornish schools and giving more of it to the highest performing improve educational standards overall?"…

He also criticised the Government's award of £700,000 to private St Michael's faith school, to set up a free school in Camborne, when "other schools in the area have had their capital budgets cut by 60 per cent or more and have 200-plus spare places".

Ironically Cllr Walker is now in alliance with the Conservatives as the council is run by a Conservatives/Independents coalition.

Only last week another Lib Dem councillor quit his party – Cllr Chris Pascoe left over the pasty tax.

Cornwall has six MPs – three of whom are Lib Dems – each with small majorities over the Conservatives.