Janette Williamson, the Labour Party candidate for the Liscard Ward on Wirral Council has tweeted, with reference to the Duke of Edinburgh :

“Why the f**k hasn’t he died yet?”

She has also tweeted that she "dreams" of Margaret Thatcher's death. She says that the shadow cabinet are “unlikeable and quite right-wing” complaining of Ed Miliband “losing us the next election.”

She says:

“I'm standing for election in May, and door-knocking tells me people aren't liking Ed. At all.

"Labour needs to change and nobody knows that more than me. I'm here to reintroduce Marxism back into the Labour Party."

The Conservative leader of Wirral Council, Cllr Jeff Green, has written to Ed Miliband to say:

While the remarks about you, your MPs and the Party you lead are of course a matter for you, I believe her comments on HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to be totally unacceptable and incredibly offensive.

I am therefore asking you, as Leader, to disassociate your Party from her remarks and for you to consider whether this person is the acceptable face of the Labour Party in Wirral at the elections on May 3rd.