Another Labour councillor has come up with obnoxious remarks about celebrating when Baroness Thatcher dies. The comments are about three minutes in.

Cllr Eion Watts, the leader of Bolsover District Council, says:

I can assure you there will be parties up this way and the north east and everywhere else n coal mining areas when Margaret Thatcher passes on. Without any hesitation. We have already got it organised. We are already waiting for the day. The best day it could happen for me would be the second Saturday in July the Durham Miners Gala. You will see a record crowd there then. I'm not wishing her dead I'm saying that when she does die, we'll be having a party.

This doesn't sound like a sick joke made on the spur of the moment but an entirely serious considered view. Cllr Watts says he feels that Margaret Thatcher lacks "compassion." Yet it is Cllr Watts whose politics are fuelled by hate.

Bolsover pays councillor allowances of more than half the normal level for a district council.

Does Ed Miliband regard it as acceptable for his Party to include people who make warped comments about planning celebrations for the death of an elderly lady? If he thinks it is unacceptable then he must act to ensure Cllr Watts is removed. As well as Cllrs Hobson and Anderson.