Last night Hammersmith and Fulham Council voted to cut the Council Tax this year by  3.75%. The Labour councillors denounced the budget with their usual mix of dishonest allegations followed by a frothy, synthetic moral indignation. There was rousing rhetoric about how they would fight the evil Tories and the viscous cuts with every fibre of their being.

Then it was time for the vote and they abstained. Except for one nice Labour councillor called Cllr Daryl Brown who voted against. I felt sorry for her as she had done so by mistake – understandably picking up the idea from her colleagues speeches that the budget was something she was meant to oppose.

Anyway the council has put out a YouTube video acknowledging the help of residents in allowing costs to be kept down. For instance reducing staff and transaction costs by using the website and keeping down the madfill cost by recycling.

The original version was from the Scaffold. I have put that up as well so you can decide which you prefer.