None of the 32 London boroughs (or the City of London Corporation) are increasing the Council Tax for the coming financial year. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is cutting the GLA precept by 1%. That means that every single household in London will see their Council tax bill going down. True it is only by a small amount although in Hammersmith and Fulham the cut is 3.75% on the borough's share of the bill. Some Labour councils that have decided to freeze rejected alternative budget from opposition Conservative councillors for fully funded Council Tax cuts.

Many have not have a pay rise in the past year while inflation is 3.6% and most bills are going up even a small reduction in Council Tax will be welcome – especially to those on low incomes.

In such Labour-run cities as Leicester, Nottingham, Stoke and York the bills for Council Tax are being put up with the funding offered by Eric Pickles for a freeze being rejected.

With the able assistance of  Sir  Edward Lister as the chief of staff there is the prospect of a further 10% cut in the GLA Council Tax precept in Boris's second term.