For those of you who haven't got hold of this week's issue of Socialist Worker yet comes the news that the Party will not be running a candidate for the Mayor of London. Apparently there seems to be some sentiment amongst these demented totalitarian outfit that the official Labour Party candidate, Ken Livingstone, would merit their support.

But the Socialist Workers party will run candidates for the London Assembly – standing under the guise of the "Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition".

The paper reports:

The London candidates include RMT and FBU union reps among others.

RMT president Alex Gordon, who is on the list, told the meeting that Labour’s shift to accepting the cuts would have a big impact. “There is a huge constituency of Labour Party loyal voters who feel completely betrayed,” he said.

The meeting discussed the fact that TUSC had decided not to put up a candidate for mayor against Ken Livingstone, after some parts of the coalition including the FBU felt it would not be the best strategy.

Instead TUSC will stand for the proportional representation “top up” list for the London Assembly. If the slate can get 5 percent of the vote—likely around 150,000 votes—then it can win a seat.

Bob Crow is on TUSC's National Committee. Andrew Gilligan has more.