The GMB trade union have been complaining about the poor rate of Council Tax collection.

Their General Secretary Paul Kenny:

“It is a scandal and a disgrace, at a time when vital services for our elderly and our children in our local communities are being slashed due to government cuts in funding that more than £1.082 billion in England and Wales is going uncollected in council tax and business rates.

"Feeble excuses about being unable to collect these taxes no longer wash.

In the case of  Business Rates at present all the revenue is taken by central Government. But on Council Tax collection Mr Kenny has a point. A  higher rate of Council Tax collection makes possible a lower level of Council Tax for those who pay up.

The GMB mention London as the worst region of the UK in this regard. Yet they seem to be contributing to the problem by bank rolling Labour's election campaign. Look at the league table for the Council Tax collection rate in London. The nine councils with the lowest collection rates are all Labour. If Mr Kenny believes their councils to be "a scandal and disgrace" then I hope he will not listen to any "feeble excuses" and instead defund their constituency Labour Party branches.

The council with the highest collection rate in London is Conservative-run Richmond-upon-Thames. There are no Labour  councils in the top five.