Excellent news from the Chorley Guardian that Conservative-led Chorley Borough Council is to cut the Council Tax by 1%.

It adds that the Council has also found money to spend tackling grot spots. That is very sensible – making their priorities their residents priorities.

The report says:

Bosses will reduce their share of council tax by one per cent – £1.79 for a band D household – and still find £345,000 to get tough on dog fouling and town eyesores. Setting out how they would spend their £12.9m budget over the next 12 months, authority bosses plan to make £200,000 savings with a senior management restructure, and by driving a harder bargain with contractors to save £400,000.

Leader of Chorley Council, Cllr Peter Goldsworthy, says:

“We know there are many hard-working families out there who are struggling to make ends meet and we know that every penny counts.”

As I have already mentioned in 2007 there was only one council which cut the Council Tax. (It so happens it was my own council of Hammersmith and Fulham.) It was the same in 2008. Also in 2009. Then for 2010 we had Windsor and Maidenhead swing into action with a 5.4% cut.

Now we have news of three Council Tax cuts in one day – so far. This follows on from my own council, South Oxfordshire, the Mayor of London, Windsor and Maidenhead, Stratford-on-Avon, Tendring and South Hollland. So with the three announced today we already have the number of tax cutting Tory councils in double figures.

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