The Government have written to Counciul leaders urging them to investigate follwoing the example of the Boris Bikes in London and seek sponsors for their own bike hire schemes.

The letter, reported (£) in The Times, from Transport Ministers Norman Baker and Mike Penning says:

You may wish to consider more sponsorship of cycle infrastructure, along the lines of the Barclays hire bikes and cycle superhighways in London, which might permit the development of routes and facilities otherwise’ unachievable.

The letter adds says:

We have also made it easier for you to install Trixi mirrors at junctions to make cyclists more visible to drivers of large vehicles such as buses and HGVs, which are involved in many of the tragic cyclist fatalities. In London, where these were piloted, there have been no fatalities at any junctions where such mirrors have been installed.

Of course sensible proportionate measures should be taken to improve safety. But it is not all doom and gloom. In London the number of people cycling has been rising sharply and the rate of serious injuries, per 100,000 trips, has been falling.