The already small number of Conservative councils proposing to increase the Council tax in the coming year has further shrunk. I am delighted that Aykesbury Vale District Council has seen reason and signed up to the Government's offer of funding for a Council Tax freeze.

After some open debate on the issue the decision was finally taken with the unanmous support of the Conservative Group.

Cllr Phil Yerby, Cabinet Member for Corporate issues says:

I am totally opposed to any Council Tax increase. We all need to be aware how difficult it is for people to make ends meet in the current economic climate. The govt have given us the means to do this albeit there is no doubt that this could and should have been maintained for more than a one year period.

Those who argue CT freeze this year only means a higher increase next year are stuck in the mindset that we always need to increase council tax to balance the budget. With the new power of General Competence given to councils under the localism act we should look for ideas to generate income. We near to challenge our anachronistic thinking.