Most commuters in London are exasperated by the strikes and greed of the tube unions. The change in the law proposed by Conservative MP Dominic Raab that strikes would only take place if a majority of employees in the unionised workforce vote for them would be useful check and it is disappointing the Government has yet to respond to the call from Boris Johnson for action in this respect.

But what would Ken Livingstone do to stand up to the unions? He is beholden to them. The Evening Standard report that the TSSA have agreed to make a further £10,000 donation to his campaign.  At the same time it has emerged that Livingstone would make his running mate Val Shawcross  the Chairman of the Transpirt for London board. She stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the RMT.

I suppose that at least by not serving as Chairman himself that would mean Livingstone, as a part time Mayor, would avoid any difficulty when meetings of the TfL and the Labour Party National Executive Committee clashed.