After the Labour-run council thwarted the efforts of Katherine Birbalsingh to introduce school choice to their borough comes news of another proposal. This time it is Steve Chalke, the Baptist minister and inspirational social activist, who is trying to bust the bureaucrats discredited monopoly. He is proposing to start the Oasis Community School Waterloo.

I hope someone has sent Chalke a copy of Toby Young's How to Set Up a Free School. The perfect Christmas gift.

The Mail on Sunday reports the following advice Toby was given by Lord Adonis when Toby asked if he should be more conciliatory to his opponents

Adonis said:

"Don’t you get it? If you extend any sort of olive branch they’ll see it as a sign of weakness and move in for the kill. I dealt with the same people – the Socialist Workers Party, the Anti Academies Alliance, the NUT – for most of my ministerial career and they would rather stick pins in their eyes than admit they have common ground with someone like you.

"Their attitude to free schools is the same as to academies: they won’t rest until every last one has been razed to the ground.’"