The Oxford Mail reports that plans for a free school in the city are "well on track" for 2013.

One idea is to have smaller class sizes for English and maths (14 and 12 respectively) than for other classes (26). Another is to have shorter holidays and a longer school day – with a breakfast club starting from 7.50am and a pick up time of 6pm

Kathryn Creed, who has been appointed as principal designate, was head of the middle school at St Hugh’s School in Faringdon from 2002-2011.

She says:

“By the time children are picked up at six they would have eaten, done their homework and there would still be time for parents to relax with their children.”

Not everyone would want this for their children. The arrangements would be different to most schools. But that is the point. Free schools are meant to offer choice and this kind of innovation is to be welcomed. If you like picking your children up at 3.30pm then you can send  them to another school.