Southend Council is changing their housing allocation policy to give more chance to those in work who are on the waiting list for a council home.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

Under the new rules, 20 per cent of the council’s 6,200 homes will be set aside for applicants who are employed for more than 16 hours a week, or have volunteered regularly for six out of the previous nine months. Then their band and waiting time will be considered.

The percentage of homes offered to people with jobs could be raised to 50 per cent in troublesome areas and estates to try to change deep-set cultures of unemployment.

Cllr Lesley Salter, the Cabinet Member for Housing, said:

“It’s about two things — incentivising people to get back into work, and stopping areas developing where there are large numbers of unemployed people.

“Children should be growing up in an area where they see adults going out to work each day and so develop the same mindset.”