The Evening Standard have been campaigning against Westminster Council's plans to charge for parking in the evenings and on Sunday afternoons.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has already voiced opposition. In a report today they quote the Prime Minister's business adviser and former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Young opposing the scheme.

Lord Young said:

"I cannot understand the logic of it. It's biting the hand that feeds it because the West End pays Westminster council a great deal of money.

"The whole thing about the West End is that in the evenings and at weekends people can come up there and leave the car, go to the theatre, go to a restaurant. Well, if they can't do that then what's the point?

"This would just kill the whole thing. I am sure people still haven't yet paid attention to what is coming but when they do you can see there will be a great protest."

But Westminster Council leader, Cllr Colin Barrow said:

"These controls will be introduced on an experimental basis, allowing us to assess their impact during the eighteen month experimental period, and adjust the controls accordingly.

"We appreciate that this is an unpopular decision in some quarters. We are charging at times when parking was previously free, but Westminster wants streets that are clean, safe and vibrant.

"We have a duty to manage the roads effectively and this is the first major review and change in policy that we have undertaken in ten years."