The Isle of Wight County Press reports that the Lib Dems have disowned their candidate, Mike Carr, for a Council byelection on November 17.

The report says:

An investigation prompted by an anonymous e-mail, suggesting Mr Carr had wrongly withdrawn money from the bank account of the West Wight lodge of the Freemasons. The money is now being paid back.

The e-mail about Mr Carr, a retired schoolteacher and ex special police constable, was sent to leading members of his party and to the press.

Asked on Tuesday by the County Press if this was true, Mr Carr, who is the former treasurer of the lodge, said: "Yes and no. It depends on one’s interpretation."

However, a fellow member of his former lodge, who did not wish to be named in the paper, said Mr Carr was no longer welcome at the lodge.

Mr Carr has withdrawn his candidacy but due to the lateness his name will still appear on the ballot paper.