Those with generosity of spirit have welcomed the notably more positive view that the Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg takes towards free schools compared to the stance of his predecessor Andy Burnham.

But before we can be sure that Labour have really embraced the policy we need to hear from their leader on the subject. Ed Miliband's previous comments have been hostile. Last year he said:

"Free schools are the opposite of the thing we need: empowering the already empowered without any obligation to help the disempowered."

Only last month he said:

"I don’t think free schools are the right answer, I don’t think they are the right answer for education in this country and I’ll tell you why, because they’re taking money away from certain schools to give to other schools, they are robbing Peter to pay Paul, schools that were expecting to be rebuilt.  I think there are real doubts about some of the admissions policies of some of the free schools and so I don’t think free schools are the right answer for Britain, I’m very clear on that." 

Is he still clear?