Arbour Tony Arbour, a Conservative member of the London Assembly, says the Metropolitan Police Service should revert to being the Metropolitan Police Force

The happy coincidence that Royal Assent is given today to the abolition of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) and the creation of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPC) which, together with the appointment of a new Commissioner gives Boris the chance to create a crime fighting force for the

I have suggested to the Mayor that he introduce two simple, speedy and inexpensive charges to policing that will be popular.

Firstly that the name Metropolitan Police Service reverts to Metropolitan Police Force. If war on crime and fighting criminals is to be a priority then “force” represents a statement of intent.

Secondly, that, given the reassurance that visible policing gives to Londoners, there should be a requirement that officers who travel to and from work on public transport should wear a uniform. I believe that police should be proud of their uniform and this, together with the fact that transport is free to them, should not be a controversial proposal. This too, will deter criminals.

The swiftness with which the criminal justice system was able to react to the riots, with 24hrs between arrest and sentence, shows that red tape and bureaucracy can be slashed. The MOPC must ensure that this continues.

There must be an end to initiatives like the attached questionnaire which adds to costs and does nothing to reduce crime.

Today represents a unique opportunity for Boris Johnson and Bernard Hogan-Howe to put their stamp on a police force which will successfully fight crime and make London safer. They must not miss it.

My Conservative colleagues at City Hall will seek to ensure that this chance is not lost.

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