The Kent Messenger reports that Ken County Council leader, Cllr Paul Carter, is to face a challenge to his leadership from Cllr Nick Chard.

In an email to Cllr Carter, copied into the Conservative Group, Cllr Chard says:

"It is no secret that I want to see change in the way the Conservative administration handles itself and the way in which it is perceived both internally and externally. I want KCC to be regarded in the same way it was when it was under the leadership of Sandy Bruce-Lockhart."

Cllr Carter has attacked academies and earlier attacked free schools – although I am not clear if this is one of the reasons for Cllr Chard's challenge. Cllr Chard was sacked by Cllr Carter as a Cabinet Member so there may be some personal element involved. There also seems to be some dispute in the Conservative Group about where spending cuts are being applied.

Cllr Carter says that under his leadership the Conservatives won their biggest ever majority at the last Council elections.

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