The Department for Education report that the number of schools that are now academies has reached 1,070. When I wrote about it last month the figure was 801.

There are hundreds more school applications to convert to academy status in the system. Another 107 came in during July. They include five schools in Kent, which will doubtless be a matter of dismay to the Conservative council leader there. But there is pretty good geographical spread. There are schools from Tower Hamlets, Lambeth, Liverpool, Gateshead, Birmingham… all part of the great escape from Local Authority control.

Lincolnshire is considering options to encourage all their schools to become academies.

The Government are proposing funding arrangements which ensure that Local Authorities budgets are cut according to the numbers of schools that become academies.

The consultation document says:

We also need to consider how funding should flex between local authorities and Academies when schools convert to become Academies since responsibilities for providing central services move from local authorities to Academies. In the Local Government Finance Settlement for the period 2011-13, a transfer of funding has been made to cover these costs but we had to make deductions in local authority budgets on a pro-rata national basis as we are only able to make estimates about the growth in the number of Academies at a national level. This also provided certainty of funding to local authorities through the Local Government Finance Settlement over the period 2011-2013.

It would, however, be possible to take a different approach which more accurately relates to the actual numbers, location and growth of Academies, although this would not provide the same level of certainty in respect of local authority budgets as the current approach. It would potentially involve much more regular and variable transfers of funding from local authorities to reflect the growth in Academy numbers.

Surprising that this fairer arrangement for funding was not already in place.

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