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Just the one result so far – I will update with any further results as they come in. See 4.30pm Update below. 

City of Edinburgh Council – City Centre Ward:

First preference votes: Con 837, SNP 797, Lab 682, Green 494, Independent 394, Lib Dem 251

The votes of the lower candidates were then redistributed, producing a final tally of:

  • Alasdair Rankin (SNP) 1368
  • Iain McGill (Conservative) 1264

SNP hold the seat – and the Lib Dem/SNP coalition hold the council (The coalition has 29 councillors out of 58 and could have lost control of the council)

1.30pm Update: Edinburgh Conservative Councillor Cameron Rose has a more detailed explanation of the result, including a breakdown of the totals after each set of preferences was re-distributed. 

4.30pm Update: Two more results from yesterday:

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Page Moss Ward:

Lab 541 (82.5%, -10.6), LD 57 (8.7%, +1.8), Ind 22 (3.4%, +3.4), Green 21 (3.2%, +3.2), Con 15 (2.3%, +2.3). 

Lab hold. Swing of 6.2% from Lab to LD since May this year.

Newquay Town Council, North Ward:

Con 444 LD 388

Con gain from Ind 

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