The BBC reports that Housing Minister Grant Shapps has "watered down" plans for new social tenancies to no longer be for life. The Localism Bill allows social landlords to offer tenancies limited to two years.

But in a letter to homeless charities and other interested parties Mr Shapps says that guidelines will be for five years to be the standard minimum time.

The letter says:

"We are now proposing that this expectation that tenancies of this length should only be used exceptionally should become a requirement with the Tenure Standard itself.

"If social landlords decide that there are exceptional circumstances where tenancies of less than five years may be appropriate, then they will be required to set out in their tenancy policy what those
circumstances will be."

The state funded housing "charity" Shelter still oppose the policy. Their opposition is a complete disgrace. The measure will free up social housing by sometimes requiring new tenants to move when their circumstances change. For instance when the property is larger than needed. Or because they become rich enough to be able to make their own housing arrangements. The property then becomes available to the homeless. In other words it is a policy to reduce homelessness. Yet Shelter, who pose as the friends of the homeless, attack the policy for political reasons. Their Chief Executive used to work for the Labour Party.

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