Maxwell Liam Maxwell, who has stood down from Windsor and Maidenhead Council to take up a post at the Cabinet Office, says he will apply the same approach

After four and a half years as a councillor at Windsor and Maidenhead I've reluctantly had to resign as a councillor in order to take up an assignment in central government.

That's something new and exciting, helping make government IT cost less and do more, and one I have written about at length. But it is difficult to leave a great team.

We went  from 16 councillors out of 57 to 51, cut the tax by 4.5% and have shown that the Big Society can deliver, both on the doorstep (our paying the public to recycle program was a huge vote winner) and in our pockets (transparency has been a huge positive catalyst for change).

I hope I can take some of that approach to London.

What's next?

Windsor and Maidenhead will have a great few years building on that progress. It has been delivered by a great team who are now bringing in the next raft of ideas:

  • Simon Dudley who is introducing the CareBank scheme and a champion for libraries
  • MJ Saunders who is driving the corporate transformation project that is changing the way we govern from the bottom up
  • Christine Bateson and Phil Bicknell who will finally win the long battle to keep Windsor Fire Station open.

But at the heart of why this council has made such progress is David Burbage – he may have dodgy taste in ties but he really is the business. His dogged pursuit of savings and putting residents first gave us all the focus and the dynamism to deliver change.

I am sure David will be a more familiar figure in the next few years. His team's electoral success has been phenomenal.

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