Interesting exchange in Hansard from Education Questions on Monday.

Bob Blackman: I congratulate the Secretary of State on leading this quiet revolution in education in this country, freeing schools from the dead hand of local education authorities and allowing them to develop and grow. What role does he foresee local education authorities fulfilling in the future, and what arrangements is he making for the governance of these new schools to enable them to flourish and grow?

Michael Gove: Local authorities have a crucial role to play in education in ensuring fairness of admissions, making sure that the needs of children who have, for example, high-level special educational needs are respected, and making sure that when it comes to behaviour and attendance, there is appropriate collaboration. They also have a critical role to play as champions of excellence. The best local authorities pursue this role with vigour. Not all do, however.

I think that indicates the ambition of the Government's vision. Gove didn't actually mention in the future that he could foresee councils actually running schools. All schools should be self governing. Local councils should not run any schools at all. But we are getting towards that goal at a rapid rate due to schools applying to become academies. It is a change from the bottom up rather than the top down.

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