This was the Mayor of London's speech in Trafalgar Square on Wednesday marking a year to go until the Olympic Games open.

See video here.

We have a new monument in this city to the indomitability of London. A symbol of resilience to go with Nelson’s Column, or the dome of St. Paul’s rising above the smoke of the Blitz. My friends, I give you the Olympic Clock!

No sooner had this masterpiece of the Swiss Chronometer's art been installed than it unexpectedly packed up. But with the help of various Swiss chronometers we got it going again didn’t we? And then it was attacked by a horde of hooded crusties protesting at something or other. And still that clock ticks on, to remind us that nothing and no one is going to stop us in our work of preparing London for the greatest event that has taken place in this city in the last 50 years.

Mr President Rogge, the streets will be ready, (to audience) won’t they? The trains will be ready. The taxis will be ready. The theatres will be ready. The buses will be ready, complete with a hop-on hop-off feature. The hotels will be ready. The bicycles will be ready. The Olympic Venues are already so ready that we might as well call a snap Olympics tomorrow and catch the rest of the world napping. And above all the people of London will be ready to welcome the world’s finest athletes to the greatest games that have ever been held in the greatest city on earth. See you in London in 366 days time. Thank you.

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