Article-1102368-02354D6700000578-424_468x318 The new Green Party administration in Brighton and Hove has horrified refuse workers. They tried to introduce a "meat-free Monday" policy at the Council's depot in Hollingdean in Brighton. This was a manifesto pledge – but it has already been abandoned.

The dustman expect to have the sustenance of bacon butties or roast lamb. They demanded: "Don't give chops the chop."

The Argus reports that their resistance has triumphed. It quotes a Council worker as saying:

“As a result of potential grievances and general disgust at being told no meat would be served in the staff canteen, the policy has been abandoned and they will return to serving meat every day from now on.”

A genuinely green local council will ensure that staff carrying out work such as refuse collection and street cleaning are motivated to do a good job.

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