Cllr David Parsons, a candidate for Chairman of the Local Government Association, has called on the LGA to withdraw an advertisement for a new Chief Executive.

In a statement Cllr Parsons says:

“I was very disappointed to hear from John Ransford that the LGA is about to go to the expense of placing advertisements for a chief executive. Having decided to employ recruitment consultants, the current leadership is continuing to fly in the face of political reality and waste more public money. No Council would seriously look to progress the recruitment of a permanent chief executive immediately prior to a change of political leadership.

“I call for the advertisements to be withdrawn and for the LGA to wait for the arrival of the new leadership before taking any further steps. My first move if elected as LGA Chairman will be to stop the recruitment process formally and appoint an interim director for a transition period.

“The LGA’s members tell me they want to break with the past and a fresh approach to the way the organisation is run. They want a different form of leadership who will engage them in deciding the shape and style of a new LGA. Only then should the LGA move to recruit its most senior officer.”