Labour-run Enfield Council is recruiting a Head of Sustainability to play “a lead role in managing the council’s low carbon commitment”. I couldn't see what the salary was but Christopher Booker has discovered it is "up to £63,000 a year". I wonder how Christopher found out. Did he apply?

Anyway he also reports:

In Camden, where 1,000 staff are to lose their jobs in cuts of £35 million (and more libraries are to close), they can still spare £43,000 a year for a recruit to join the council’s “high-profile Corporate Sustainability Team” in helping Camden become “a low carbon borough”. In Walsall, where the council leader says that up to half of its 10,000 staff will lose their jobs (with six more libraries to close), they are still advertising for a Part-Time Regional Co-Ordinator of Low Carbon to receive £39,000 a year for a three-day week.