North Lincolnshire is a unitary authority with all its seats up for election on Thursday. It is a Labour Council with 22 Labour councillors, 19 Conservatives, one Lib Dem and one other. Labour gained control of the Council from the Conservatives in 2007.

It is a Nuclear Free Zone and also splashes out on political assistants. It has also found £46,759 for a Mercedes to drive the Council leader around in. Also £200,000 a year on mobile phone calls – including thousands on international calls. Also £3.25 million a year on consultants.

Then when faced with a grant cut from central Government it cuts respite care for disabled children.

The Lib Dems are only fielding four candidates.

The Conservatives proposals for savings include councillors allowances and councillors free food – as well as payments to attend conferences. The council's spending on a new nightclub will add 2.7% to Council Tax bills.

The Band D Council Tax for North Lincolnshire is £1,555. The national average is £1,439. North Lincolnshire's is high even by Labour standards.