Some Conservative councils are better than others. Some Labour and Lib Dem councils are worse than others. Issues vary from one local authority to another. But there are still some reasons for voting Conservative that will broadly apply.

1. Value for money. Conservative councils cost £43 less than Labour ones, £114 less than Lib Dem ones. Conservative also have better services as measured by resident satisfaction.

2. Good schools. Labour councils want to close grammar schools, obstruct the opening of free schools, they often oppose schools switching to academy status. Conservatives believe in real parental choice, providing competition to drive up standards. The Lib Dems can not be trusted to back school choice.

3. Residents first. Labour councillors rely on the trade unions to pay for their election campaigns – the unions have a say in selecting Labour council candidates. This compromises them from acting in the interests of their residents.

4. Big Society. Conservatives don't believe that the local council has to do everything itself. This means Conservatives individual initiative and voluntary effort rather than trying to thwart it.

5. Transparency. While Labour councils have often had to be dragged kicking and screaming to show what they do and how they spend money it has been Conservative councils that have embraced this accountability. 

6. Common sense not political correctness. Conservative councils have been resisting the insidious spread of political correctness which has been so harmful – especially in the area of adoption.

7. Getting moving. Often Labour and Lib Dem councils adopt anti car policies for ideological reasons. Conservative councils have been scrapping speed cameras, tackling pot holes and easing traffic jams.

8. Home ownership. Conservative council have led the way in helping people onto the housing ladder. Labour resist this aspiration preferring instead state dependency.

9. Less red tape. Conservative councils understand that keeps bureaucracy to a minimum both reduces a Council's costs and makes life less frustrating for local residents.

10. Fighting crime. Conservative councils are fare more likely than Labour or Lib Dem ones to pursue a "zero tolerance" approach to crime and anti social behaviour.