Map The Local Government Chronicle and Local Government Information Unit have published a map of Britain coloured according to which Party is in control of each local council. Normally the importance of a council is measured by its population and budget rather than the space within its boundaries. Given that Conservatives are particularly strong in rural areas they will tend to do well on the measure of territory. But looking at the map does bring home how dominant the Party is in England. Durham and Copeland are a couple of big blotches of red. South Somerset and South Lakeland a couple of big blotches of yellow. Then there is an very large amount of blue.

In one sense the map understates Conservative dominance as much of the grey "No overall control" areas have councils with Conservative leaders – Cornwall, Torridge, East Lindsey…

The map also shows little red in Scotland and Wales. In Scotland the combination of a four Party system and the use of the Single Transferable Vote means the vast majority of the 32 councils are under No Overall Control. They are up for election next year. 

In Wales the 22 council elections are also taking place next year. Independents are traditionally strong in Wales and most councils are under No Overall Control. At the moment the Conservatives and Labour each control two councils. However there is rather more blue than red on the map – as the two Conservative councils of Monmouthshire and the Vale of Glamorgan take up rather more space than Labour's Neath Port Talbot and Rhonda Cynon Taf.