Brighton & Hove Council is to be run by the Green Party. It will be a minority administration. There had been some speculation about Labour entering into a coalition but they have declined.  This strikes me as a sensible decision by the Labour Party – given the flakey and extremist nature of the Green Party.

There are now 23 Green councillors, 18 Conservatives and 13 from Labour. It will be interesting to see how the situation develops. When Conservative councillors seek to put a check on the excesses of the new regime how will Labour vote?

I will attempt to keep track of what happens.

While the dog has barked and the media caravan has moved on from last Thursday's council election there will quite a few more parts of the country where we will have too see what administration is actually formed. There are 54 councils under No Overall Control. That is 19 fewer than a week ago – but still a significant chunk of the nation.